The concept of school uniform instils a sense of belonging and pride in the school and helps to maintain uniformity among students. All students are expected to adhere to the following Dress Code:

Summer Formal Uniform

Blue Half Sleeved Shirt, Navy Blue Striped Skirts(Girls Gr 6-12)/Trousers (Boys Gr 6-12)/ Shorts (Gr 1-5), School Belt, Blue Socks, Black Shoes.
Summer Sports Uniform

Half Sleeved T Shirts & Track Pant (with Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue House Colour Stripes) Blue Socks, White Shoes, Grey Shorts for Matches.
Winter Formal Uniform

Blue full sleeved shirt Navy Blue striped Trousers, Grey Sweater, Grey Blazer, Blue Striped Tie, School Belt,Blue socks, Black Shoes.
Winter Sports Uniform

T Shirts, Felt Track Suit(with Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue House Colour Stripes), Blue Socks, White Shoes,Grey Shorts for Matches.
Pre Primary Summer Uniform

Navy Blue with White Collar & Stripes (Girls),Blue Striped Collared White Shirt, Blue Shorts (Boys), School Belt, Blue Socks, Black Shoes.
Pre Primary Winter Uniform

Grey Woollen Track Suit, Blue Socks, Black Shoes.
  • House Uniform is to be worn every Thursday (Gr 1-5) & Wednesday (Gr 6-12)
  • Girls should tie shoulder length hair in a ponytail with black hair band; beyond shoulder length hair should be tied in a single or double plait
  • Girls and Boys with short hair and must get a regular hair cut done
  • Sikh boys may wear a White/ Navy Blue patka or turban
  • Students must clip their nails regularly to ensure safety against diseases, accidental injuries and should desist from wearing nail paint, kohl, cosmetics, jewellery, steel kada etc. during school hours