About KIS

Our founder, Late Shri M.M Kothari,laid the foundation of the School on 16th October 2005. The School represents the culmination of the assiduous efforts of its founder, a visionary, who always cherished the dream of nurturing young minds in an inspiring and motivational atmosphere and producing charismatic, vibrant dynamic and decisive leaders of tomorrow. This education enterprise began its journey when the first academic session commenced on 1st April 2006. The School welcomed the students from Pre-primary till Grade 6 with a plan to expand further.

The school has grown up to Grade 12 (CBSE), and adding Cambridge International Curriculum (Lower Secondary/IGSCE/AS/ALevels), ever since. Kothari International School, a CBSE (India) and Cambridge (UK), fully Air-Conditioned, with State of the Art facilities, is currently Ranked No.1 in India for its Total Quality. The small class size of 24 students with competent and experienced faculty gives the students individualized care and support, allows them to think independently and innovatively and helps them plan and participate in their own learning process to meet the challenges ahead.